About Studio Shanghai


Architecture design studio Studio Shanghai is an architecture firm and team who believe that the building of habitable structures is not an exercise in theoretical design or a prescient inspiration of an individual designer or architect. Instead, we work with culture, climate, physical and spiritual elements, and flora and fauna of the region to make places that help people know where they are, and by extension know who they are. In other words, we are dedicated to creating places in which people feel they belong.

Studio Shanghai has planned and designed many cities, villages, buildings, and interiors to uphold a sense of lively and vibrant accessibility. Shanghai Xintiandi was our architectural practice first project in Shanghai China and has grown to be an integral part of Shanghai and its culture. Soldier Fields Stadium in Chicago, USA transcended the conventions of stadium design. For many years, we lived in ancient houses of Dong Hua Li in Foshan to learn the physical and spiritual language of the region before we designed anything for Lingnan Tiandi.

And the best is yet to come.


Studio Shanghai


The Studio Shanghai team is international and dedicated. Delphine Yip became Partner in 2005 after working with Ben Wood for almost a decade in Cambridge, MA and then Shanghai. She played an important role in many of the Studio’s project until she left Studio Shanghai in 2014.


Studio shanghai’s other key members:

Senior Associates:



Tao became a Senior Associate after working with Studio Shanghai for 11 years since 2005 in Shanghai after receiving his master’s degree from TU Dortmund, Germany. Tao has been responsible for the Studio’s Chongqing XTD, Hongqiao Tiandi and some other notable projects.


Anna FU

Anna Fu joined in Studio Shanghai in 2006. With over 10 years of  architectural design experience in mixed use, commercial and renovation for all stages of project from concept, schematic design and design development. She has participated or taken charge of many projects including Shanghai Rainbow City Lot 3 Commercial Area, and Expo Chinese Housing Culture Area and so on.



William WANG

William Wang has been actively involved in most projects since 2009 when he joined STUDIO SHANGHAI. As he is crazy about digital architecture and skillful in sketch-up, Rhino & Grasshopper, William is responsible for three dimensional studies of studio’s most projects.


工作室上海的当前项目包括:上海岩外滩项目位于北外滩“新天地”在Chongching项目,武汉和杭州,主在上海西藏中路太平桥区,上海浦东混合使用项目,3大住宅社区计划 – 康桥水乡,康桥和Westwood的绿色,和河边的高层复杂的岘港,越南。