ZhuJiaJiao Masterplan and Development 朱家角康桥水乡小城

朱家角 总体规划及开发

There is something very beautiful about water towns in China. It is a beauty that comes from a harmonic relationship between man and nature. The two collaborate to make culture. Designing these towns is equivalent to structuring a building that defines this relationship — expressing water town DNA in the art of architecture.

The overall master plan for this project was inspired by the evolution trend of traditional living styles. The special connection between buildings and water and the public access to both water and buildings is the key organizing principle of this plan. The water is in walking distance from every household in town. In the middle of the site, where several canals intersect, is the current site of Zhujiajiao’s arts and cultural heritage center. The design will preserve and renovate the building to become the new cultural center of the town that will promote the historical arts and crafts of water town.

We admire classic aesthetics while enjoying pithy modernism. Using the age-old principles of water town planning, this Master Plan connects us with our history; and a community of new homes with contemporary amenities forms a modern lifestyle. New and old, innovation and tradition, change and continuity, art and the art of living, a modern life in a cultural setting — these are the ideas that this new water town celebrates.