Lijiang Old Town 丽江古镇


UNESCO designated Lijiang Old Town a World Heritage Site as “Lijiang is an exceptional ancient town set in a drmatic landscape which represents the harmonious fusion of different cultural traditions to produce an urbn landscape of outstanding quality.”

The Site for this master plan is situated to the east of the old town and well connected to the airport. As a fundamental strategy, this master plan reflects Li Jiang’s urban intensity and the presence of the surrounding mountains as a main quality. Although mainly farmland at present, the site still offers two very distinct landscape features to be incorporated into the master plan design: the three well pond – also a typical icon of Naxi Culture in Li Jiang and the tree lined boulevard, which can be in parts easily converted to a pedestrian promenade.

This plan of the East Village will mark a new direction in the development of Lijiang: a new town connect to the Old Town.